Scams: Online and Offline

Protect yourself from clever Internet and other scams: Recent Internet ScamBusters issues

Protect yourself from scams. Here's a list of the current and back issues of Internet ScamBusters:

608 Don't Fall For the Latest Bogus Contractor Scam
Learn more about a new bogus contractor scam, a virus-carrying funeral notice and an Internet seal of approval for kids.

607 7 Actions to Beat One Ring Phone Scam
How to spot the one ring phone scam and what to do if you fall for it.

606 Bogus Cosmetics May Contain Cancer Chemicals
Why fake cosmetics are dangerous and how you can spot them.

605 Alarm Over Growth of Workplace Loans
Why you should be cautious before considering a workplace loan.

604 FTC Clamps Down on Green Products Labels
What you need to know about labeling on so-called green products.

603 Suspicious Signs of Online Stolen Goods Sales
How to spot stolen goods for sale online and what to do if you buy them.

602 Remodeling? Watch Out for this Home Inspection Trick
Crooks use home inspection ruse after project completion.

601 How to Avoid Fake Companies on Google
Crooks use Google for local fraudulent listings.

600 Telltale Signs of a Fake Credit Card Offer
How to spot and avoid a phony credit card offer.

599 Clever Techniques Behind Latest Travel Scams
Watch for these red flags that signal a travel scam.

598 Health Myths Waste Time
Health myths can mislead but sometimes they're downright dangerous.

597 ID Theft Victims Among Romance Scam Casualties
How romance scams reach beyond lonely heart victims.

596 Robocall Trick May Use Recorded Answers
Learn more about latest robocall tricks, distraction techniques and danger malware.

595 How You Help Crooks Intent on Burglary
How to spot burglary con tricks and conceal your absence.

594 VIN Switching Gives Stolen Cars a New Identity
Steps you can take to try to spot VIN switching scam.

593 Phone Scams Target Veterans, Viewers and Drivers
How latest phone scam tricks fool victims.

592 Smartphones Send Secret Premium SMS Texts
Five ways to protect yourself from premium SMS scams and other mobile malware.

591 How to Delete Account Info on Key Sites
Fast growing free web service offers links to delete accounts on key websites.

590 Watch Out for Advance Fee Tricks and Other Deceptions
Learn about latest advance fee and Craigslist scams plus Windows XP threats.

589 onsumer/Industry Group Fights Medical Identity Theft
Medical identity theft update: what you need to know.

588 Don't Be Tempted or Fall for These Tax Scams
What you can do about 2014 tax scams.

587 Don't Let Your TV Spy on Your Viewing Habits
What's behind TV spy alerts and what you can do about them.

586 More Online Banking Safety Tips
Why you need to check both your bank and your computer for safer online banking.

585 Social network crooks launch Instagram scams
Learn more about latest Instagram scams and how to avoid them.

584 3 Key Mobile Card Reader Security Steps
Why mobile card reader apps on phones and tablets may be vulnerable to data theft.

583 AARP Guide Takes Us Inside the Criminal Mind
How You Can Play Your Part in AARP Anti-Scam Campaign.

582 True or Not -- These Crazy Highway Urban Legends?
Continuing our alphabetical around-the-states tour of urban legends.

581 Target Scam Warning to Millions of Americans
Learn how to spot a Target scam and check if you're a data breach victim.

580 Job Scams and Other Parking Lot Tricks
Action steps to beat latest Facebook and job scams, and the parking lot thieves.

579 How Tax ID Theft Crooks Get Your Details
How you can help with Tax ID Theft Awareness Week.

578 Smart Men Are Top Targets for Investing Scams
Many Americans lack basic understanding of fraudulent investing tricks says FINRA.

577 Snippets Issue: Medication Theft, Phony Magazines
Why you shouldn't hand over your medications, personal information or cash to unknown solicitors.

576 New Entries for Our Outrageous Scams Collection
All scams are outrageous scams but some are almost beyond belief.

575 Discover Top Scams for 2013 and 2014
Find out what's changed, and what hasn't, in our top scams annual review.

574 10 Ways To Steer Clear of Pirated Software
How to protect yourself from pirate malware raids.

573 Warnings on Fake Advance Fees, Gas Pump Robbery and Risky PINs
Are you vulnerable to the latest advance fee scam, gas station money grabs or guessable PIN numbers?

572 Trending Topic or Hashtag Hijack?
What and why you need to know about hashtag attacks.

571 Obituaries, Bogus Surveys and Texts Used in Latest Scams
Why you should keep details out of obituaries and online surveys.

570 Watch for These Cunning Pet Flipping Techniques
How pet flipping scams work and how to avoid them.

569 Use Caution with Paid Change of Address Services
Should you pay for free services like change of address and 911 calls?

568 Settings, Software
Why search engines won't necessarily deliver a safe search.

567 Watch Out for Fake Accident and Social Security Tricksters
Vigilance and common sense hold key to skipping fake accidents and other scam tricks.

566 How to Avoid School Scams Tricksters
Wide range of school scams but the target is always the same: Your money.

565 Scammers Exploit "Obamacare" Confusion
How imposters and scammers hope to cash in on ignorance about "Obamacare".

564 How to Get Involved in Cyber Security Awareness Month
Why cyber security is everyone's shared responsibility.

563 Advance Pension Loans Charging 100 Percent Interest
New guidance on "payday advance" type pension loans.

562 Job Switchers Misled on 401k Rollover Options
Why you should proceed with caution on 401k rollover plans.

561 Identify and Defeat a Hacked Email Attack
Attack and defense tactics against hacked email.

560 Powerful Network Aims to Spot and Stop Financial Crime
How financial crime agency FinCEN works behind the scene to protect us.

559 Ghosts, Monsters and Tall Stories in Latest Urban Legends Report
Join us on our alphabetical tour of urban legends.

558 Latest Vanity Scam Tricks
How to avoid a vanity scam: Don't pay, don't say.

557 Medical Alert Scam Sweeps the Nation
Don't swap your ID info for "free" medical alert device or school "tax."

556 $1 Billion-plus Annual Bill for Odometer Rollback Scams
How to spot an odometer rollback and what to do if you're scammed

555 Insurance Report Risks and How to Deal With Them
How to protect yourself from insurance report errors

554 Official-Sounding Calls Conceal Imposter Scams
Why it should be easy to spot these imposter crooks.

553 How to Avoid Reloading Scams
If you're a scam victim, watch out for these second-bite reloading cheats.

552 Seafood Joins Growing List of Food Scams
What you see on the seafood label may not be what you get.

551 Scam Words Signal Possible Trouble Ahead
Why cybercriminals choose their scam words carefully.

550 Snippets Spotlight on Gift Cards, Puzzles and Messaging Scams
Crooks devise new approach to gift cards, call forwarding and email scams.

549 Millions Targeted in Latest Ransomware Scam
How to avoid a ransomware hijack of your PC -- and what to do if you're snared.

548 How Travel Scam Artists Try to Trick You
Get clued in with our second installment of travel scam alerts.

547 Latest Tricks Add to Travel Scam Alert
Fake hotel websites, bogus petitions feature in latest travel scam list.

546 Profile Viewers Trick Tops Facebook Scam List
Software firm's Facebook scam chart is just the tip of an iceberg.

545 Latest Password Blunders, Phishing and ID Theft Scams
Snippets issue highlights bad passwords, financial phishing scams and bogus jobs.

544 Look for these Clues to a Fake Video
Signs and actions to help you identify a fake video.

543 Got Your Internet Security Toolkit?
How to get as close as you can to 100% Internet security.

542 Scanning that QR Code Could Lead to Malware
Bogus QR code stickers are virtually impossible to detect.

541 Energy Audit and Lawsuit Scams Deliver False Promises
How crooks use energy audit offers and other deceptions to con you out of money.

540 FINRA Tools Identify Investment Scam Risks
Use these FINRA websites to beat investment scammers.

539 Some Urban Legends Never Die
Enduring urban legends from celebrity deaths to alien abductions.

538 Beware Latest Celebrity Names Scams
Most common celebrity names used in scams and how to spot them.

537 7 Ways to Beat Product Information Cheats
How to find changes and deceptions hidden in product information and packaging.

536 Don't Be Fooled by Phone Hacking and Hijacking Scams
How phone hacking and hijacking make overseas connections look like they're local.

535 Phony Home Business Scheme Behind Latest Tax Scam
Latest tax scam alert adds to list of con tricks for 2013 season.

534 How to Safeguard Your Children's Mobile Online Privacy
Add your own checks to new kids' online privacy rules.

533 Crooks Use Photo Theft Software and Fake Identities for Latest Scams
Get the lowdown on photo theft, phony police programs and insurance con tricks in our Snippets issue.

532 Disaster Scams Alert -- Part 2
Learn how to escape disaster scams and where to find reliable help.

531 Disaster Scams Alert -- Part 1
Learn how to identify disaster scams and other emergency incident tricks.

530 New Alert as Phishing Attacks Near 3 Billion
Know the four phishing red flags that should put you on alert.

529 Flooded Cars on Sale after Winter Storms
Five key steps to identify and avoid storm-flooded cars.

528 Investment Scam Artists Home in on Web Funding
How mass funding initiative raises investment scam risks.

527 New Lottery Scam Dupes Genuine Winners
Learn how lottery scam tricksters could steal your winnings.

526 Latest Seniors Scams Add to Crooks' $3Billion Haul
Why seniors are prime scam targets and how they can beat the crooks.

525 7 Actions You Can Take to Reduce Your Scam Gullibility
Learn the factors that lead to gullibility and how to counter them

524 Spotlight on Top 10 Scams List
Scams list reveals worst offenders in 2012 and key dangers for 2013.

523 Craigslist Scams Among 7 New Con Tricks
Snippets issue highlights latest advance fee and Craigslist scams, double dipping and spam attacks

522 Virtual Greetings Card Scam Takes the Shine off Christmas
How to spot the latest card scam and avoid other Christmas con tricks

521 Pets Meds Dangers and Other Scams
How to recognize phony pet meds and check veterinarians and pet food supplies.

520 How to Spot and Avoid Pinterest Spam
What you can do about Pinterest spam and other scams

519 How IC3 Can Help With Your Online Scam Complaint
Spotlight on key scam complaint clearing house.

518 Business Scam Artists Try New Con Tricks
How independent checks can help you avoid most business scam attempts.

517 Pinball -- the Latest Real Estate Selling Trick
How "pinball" real estate selling makes home prices look low.

516 Best Hurricane Sandy Internet Resources
How to stay safe, before, during and after Hurricane Sandy

515 Don't Fall For These Self-Storage Tricks
How to protect yourself from unscrupulous self-storage owners.

514 More Key Steps for Privacy Protection
Why you must follow these privacy protection tips.

513 Election Scam Warning: Beware of These Tricks
How election scam con artists try to trick you.

512 Money Transfer Alert is Latest PayPal Scam
How cunning PayPal scam tries to shock victims into clicking.

511 Latest Lottery Scam Hides Behind Well Known Name
Why a lottery scam is easy to spot.

510 How to Spot a Locksmith Scam
How locksmith scam crooks trick you into paying big bucks.

509 Your Easy Guide to Password Security
How to avoid password security pitfalls.

508 How to Remove Name Info from 10 Data Collectors
What to do when you need to remove name, address and family details from the Internet.

507 High-Cost Car Scam Back in Action
Get to know these new tricks from the car scam artists.

506 FTC Acts as Illegal Robocalls Triple
Three simple rules for responding to robocalls.

505 Spotlight on National Consumers League
How National Consumers League helps in war on scam artists.

504 Best-Known Urban Legends from Idaho, Illinois and Indiana
How photos are used to make urban legends more convincing.

503 Two New Clever Bank Scam Tricks
How crooks make bank scam pop-ups seem authentic.

502 Don't Fall For These Tag Team Tricks
Tag team partners act as innocents to try to convince you.

501 How to Spot Bogus Summer Jobs
Protect your money and your personal details to avoid a summer jobs scam.

500 Our 500th Installment of the Internet Scam Saga
Why we're still on the trail of Internet scam artists.

499 4 Steps to Avoiding a Trademark Scam
Clues that point to a trademark scam.

498 10 Smart Steps to Avoid Homeowners' Association Fraud
How crooked employees and board members trick community and homeowners' association members.

497 Steer Clear of These 3 Rest Area Scams
Rest area alert on panhandlers, card crooks and bogus mechanics.

496 Be on the Lookout for These Common Fakes
From drugs to autographs - your guide to common fakes.

495 Internet Scam Solution Shutdown Threatens Thousands
Learn more about Internet switch-off day, stock-picking robots and cell phone spam.

494 Behind the Scenes at the Federal Trade Commission
What you need to know about using Federal Trade Commission services.

493 Luggage and ID Theft in Latest Travel Scams
Learn more about new and old travel scams.

492 10 Keys to Protect Yourself from Scams
Wipe out these risks to protect yourself from scams.

491 How Prescription Discount Cons and Latest Mortgage Scams Work
Mortgage scams, prescription scams, fake iPads and jury duty scams in our Snippets issue.

490 How Latest Online Phishing Scams Fool Users
Phishing scammers target previous victims and popular websites.

489 How to Check For a Possible Franchise Scam
Learn the danger signs that signal a franchise scam.

488 How to Recognize an Olive Oil Scam
Is there an olive oil scam product in your local grocery store?

487 Bogus Websites and Forged Tickets Head 2012 Olympic Games Scams
How you can protect yourself from scams if you're attending the London Olympic Games.

486 18 Million Electronic Medical Health Records Exposed
What you should know about the switch to electronic medical health records.

485 Tax Scams 2012: What to Watch For
Preparers targeted by crooks as IRS names "dirty dozen" tax scams.

484 What You Need to Know About Car Hacking
How to check if you're vulnerable to car hacking.

483 Mobile Charging Stations Could Be Used for Data Theft
Security experts raise fears about mobile charging stations.

482 How Domain Name Scams Exploit Mistyping
Domain name scams linked to incorrect website addresses.

481 How to Watch for and Avoid Caregiver Scams
Tell-tale signs that signal caregiver scams.

480 Where to Find More ID Theft Info
Consumer Federation highlights growing child ID theft concern.

479 Watch Out for these 7 Key Veteran Scams
How veteran scams take money from ex-service people -- and from us.

478 Urban Legends That Just Won't Die
Latest episode in our around-the-states urban legends series.

477 Kelly Blue Book Warns of Bogus Copycat Sites
Learn about latest cash trapping, home makeover, cell phone shield and Kelley Blue Book con tricks.

476 Data Privacy Day Highlight Mobile Risks
Learn more about Data Privacy Day and Safer Internet Day.

475 You Know the Big Three, But What About Credit Bureau Number Four?
Data harvesting credit bureau services could affect your financial future.

474 Same Location, Same Cause, Point to Death Hoaxes
Rapid growth of death hoaxes underlines value of skepticism.

473 Elections, Scams and New Laws Could Increase Robo Call Nuisance
Know your robo call rights

472 ID Theft and Malware Head Up Top Scams List
Top scams to look out for in 2012.

471 YouTube Name, Videos and Comments Used to Target Victims
Why you should be wary when viewing or posting on YouTube.

470 Strawman Account Myth Used to Lure Victims
Strawman account legend explained, con tricks exposed.

469 Site Owners Are Clear Winners in Penny Auctions
Learn how penny auctions work and how to protect yourself from scams.

468 Can Service Providers Help You Stop Cell Phone Spam?
Learn more about cell phone spam, Disney ticket fraud, trash scams and bogus IRS messages.

467 Protect Yourself from a Computer Hijacking Inside Job
Know when computer hijacking risks call for simple precautions or extreme measures.

466 10 precautions to protect against translation scams and other bogus freelance work
How Crooks Lure Freelancers into Translation Scams

465 Crooks Use URL Shortener to Conceal Malware Sites
What's a URL shortener, how can it threaten you and what can you do about it?

464 How to Protect Your Social Security Number from Theft
Learn the most common ways crooks steal your Social Security Number and how to stop them.

463 Holiday Alert for Harry Potter and Twilight Scams
What Harry Potter can teach us about teen fiction and movie scams.

462 Data Breach Safety Steps
Follow these tips for responding to a data breach notification.

461 A 24-Step Program for Handling Telemarketers' Calls
How to avoid time-wasting calls from telemarketers.

460 Growth in Mobile Device Usage Fuels App Malware Surge
New reports highlight huge increase in app malware threats.

459 7 Steps to Beating Predatory Lending Threats
Unjust and unfair, but predatory lending is not always illegal.

458 Urban Legends Persist Despite Lack of Evidence
Best-known urban legends from California, Colorado, Connecticut and Delaware.

457 Shut the Door on Home Security Systems Sales Tricks
How to spot and deal with pushy sellers of home security systems.

456 How Kids Can Stay Safe Online
Organizations and documents that help kids stay safe online.

455 How to Set Up and Use Find My iPad and Other Mobile Trackers
Find My iPad and other tracking programs offer help but do you use them?

454 Do Your Homework on College Savings Plans
Make sure you're offered the best college savings plan for you.

453 Surging Growth of Reading Gadgets Sparks eBook Scams
Steps you can take to avoid being a victim of eBook scams.

452 Your Action Plan to Deal with Email Threats
What you need to know about email threats and other forms of intimidation.

451 Funny Scams Emphasize the Nerve of Some Crooks
The serious side of funny scams shows crooks will stop at nothing to get their hands on our money.

450 FTC Warns of "Unrealistic" Bedbug Treatments Claims
Bedbug treatments, eBay returns and toll-free numbers may not be all they seem.

449 Mortgage Securitization Audits: Scam, Useless or Salvation?
Mortgage securitization reviews issue clouds the foreclosure debate.

448 7 Things You Can Do to Block Cell Phone Spam
What to do when you're under attack from cell phone spam.

447 Act Now to Control History Sniffing and Internet Snooping
How history sniffing tactics track your website visits.

446 Use a Credentials Check to Verify IDs and Qualifications
Where to look and what to look out for when running a credentials check.

445 Vulnerable Disabled People and Dementia Sufferers Make Easy Scam Targets
Learn what you can do to avoid bogus fundraisers and help disabled people avoid scams.

444 How Bait and Switch Tactics Stay Inside the Law
Look out for these bait and switch examples and follow our tips for handling them.

443 Why it Pays to be Skeptical About Urban Legends
From the spooky to the weird, urban legends flourish throughout the nation.

442 How EULA Terms Can Limit Your Rights
Take the time to study EULA wording for new software and hardware.

441 8 Clues That Point to a Fake Blog
Double your guard against these fake blog messages and comments.

440 Email Name and Address Links Aid Spam Targeting
How to protect yourself against latest spam and phishing threat.

439 Are High-Pressure Sales Tactics and "Free" Offers Just Timeshare Scams?
How resort reps tread a narrow line between enticing vacation deals and timeshare scams.

438 The Myths, Hoaxes, Legends and Scams of Mother's Day
Find out about the weird tales and nasty con tricks that mark and mar Mother's Day celebrations.

437 ATM Scam Artists Give New Meaning to "Sticky Keys"
How things you might not know open the way for an ATM scam and toll-free call trick.

436 Malware, Spam and Other Scams Aimed at LinkedIn Social Network
Tighten up your LinkedIn security and watch out for these scams.

435 Stealing and Using Info is "Ridiculously Easy" Says Credit Card Thief
Learn how a credit card thief operates and what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.

434 How to Spot This Year's Tax Scams
Find everything you need to know about tax scams in this 2011 update and our back issues archive.

433 Simple Steps to Avoid Taxi Fare Scams
How to tell the difference between honest and unscrupulous taxi drivers.

432 Software Tricks and Scams Hit USB Safety -- and Your Pocket
How to maintain USB safety and avoid flash drive pitfalls

431 PayPal Scam Accounts for Half of All Phishing Attacks
Follow these actions to avoid falling victim to the most common types of PayPal scam schemes.

430 Telemarketing Harassment Techniques and What You Can Do About Them
Understand the Do Not Call Registry and learn how you can sidestep those telemarketing harassment calls.

429 How Crooks Target Victims with "Snail Mail" Postal Scams
From mail theft and phony work-from-home projects to identity theft, postal scams still run rife.

428 Surge in Gold Prices Lures Investors into Precious Metals Scam
Learn how hidden charges, bogus loans and non-existent gold can turn your investment into a precious metals scam.

427 Protect Yourself from Cyberstalking
Follow these 15 tips to protect yourself from online harassment and cyberstalking.

426 Avoid Pranks and Scams this Valentine's Day
As with any holiday, Valentine's Day has its fair share of urban legends, hoaxes, schemes and scams...

425 The Evil Twin of Flipping Real Estate -- Flopping
You may know about flipping real estate but have you heard about the latest real estate scam -- flopping?

424 Guard Yourself with these Tips on Webcam Safety
With most new model laptops coming with these gadgets installed, learn to practice webcam safety.

423 Skimming at ATMs, Gas Pumps a Growing Concern
Scammers are focusing on gas pumps and restaurants in the latest skimming schemes.

422 New Facebook Scams Attack Your Privacy
Con artists are always coming up with new tricks and the latest batch of Facebook scams, scareware and phony grocery offers are new versions of old scams

421 Ticket Scam Schemes Threaten Olympics and Big Name Concerts
Ticket scam artists are going to be at it again with the upcoming Olympic games and headliner concerts.

420 Top Scams of 2010 and 2011
Top 10 list of the top scams of 2010 and predictions of what they will be in 2011.

419 Protect Your Small Business from these Shipping Scams
Don't let con artists make off with your small business account information to use in the latest shipping scams.

418 Happy Holidays! Holiday Myths, Hoaxes and Superstitions
Keep yourself free of festive superstitions with info about holiday myths, hoaxes and urban legends.

417 Avoid these 7 Online Games Scam Ploys and Traps
Steer clear of dangers of the online games scam minefield with these tips.

416 Tis the Season for the Holiday Scam
Holiday scam artists have turned the social network realm into a war zone. Here's what you can do to protect yourself.

415 Don't Be Fooled by These Lottery Scams
Crooks seem to come up with new lottery scams every day. Avoid being scammed by following these simple rules.

414 Follow One Simple Rule to Avoid Money Wiring Scams
Stop money wiring scams in their tracks by following this one 'golden rule.'

413 Learn About the Latest Advance Fee Real Estate Scam
Scammers are always coming up with new schemes, and this latest advance fee real estate scam is no different.

412 Be Safe When Posting Your Resume for Online Job Hunting
Online job hunting is a necessary evil in today's economic environment. Learn how to post your resume and search for an online job safely.

411 Viruses and Hoaxes and Halloween Myths... Oh My!
Arm yourself with this information to prevent being tricked with these Halloween myths this October.

410 The Dating Game: Don't Get Caught Up in Online Dating Scams
Online dating scams are getting more intricate and organized with the help of professional criminals. Learn how to avoid them with these 10 tips.

409 Beware the Latest Craigslist Scam to Hit the 'Net
New tactics are being used to trick people in the latest Craigslist scam.

408 Be Safe When Using Online Pharmacies
Follow these guidelines and recommended sources when using online pharmacies.

407 Don't Always Believe the Tale of Woe Told in a Distress Scam
Be careful when faced with a distress scam... the damsel (or dude) in distress may be conning you.

406 10 Warning Signs and 10 Questions to Ask When Seeking A Financial Advisor
Ask your financial advisor the right questions and keep an eye out for these warning signs.

405 Follow These 10 Safety Rules When You Post Online
It's a dangerous world out there when you post online. Follow these simple tips and keep yourself, and your information, safe.

404 From Russia With Guile, The Amazon Scam
Protect yourself from the latest Amazon scam along with identity theft attempts with tips learned here.

403 Scammers Try Every Which Way To Exploit BP Oil Leak
As if the BP oil leak weren't bad enough, scammers are finding ways to perpetrate their crimes using this catastrophe as bait.

402 Learn A Lesson From These College Scam Tricks and Hoaxes
Knowledge is power against college scam artists hoping to trick you into giving away your personal information and other student scams.

401 Beware of These 10 Common Senior Scam Tricks
Senior scam artists continue to target grandma and grandpa. Get wise to their tricks here.

400 Tips on Protecting Yourself from Home Burglary
A home burglary happens every 15 seconds in the US. Follow these tips to avoid becoming a statistic.

399 Aiding the Enemy: Have You Become an Unwitting Email Spam Accomplice?
Learn about the 7 ways you could be unintentionally helping scammers get addresses for email spam.

398 Fake Coupons, an Almost Unheard of Scam, Costs $600M Annually
Don't be caught up in the latest scam -- fake coupons and their counterparts, bogus coupon clipping and certificate book selling work-at-home schemes.

397 Online Gossip Drives Surge In Celebrity Hoax Stories
Checking out the tabloids in the checkout line is fun, but celebrity hoax stories are more fiction than fact.

396 Can You Trust That Label -- Or Does It Hide a Food Scam?
How wine and food scam artists fool consumers and investors with phony labels and misleading information

395 What is Tab-Nabbing? Internet Phishing Gets Sneakier
Internet phishing schemes have gotten more stealthy with this latest trick -- tab-nabbing.

394 New Travel Scam Cons to Watch Out For
Keep your guard up and avoid being taken by the latest travel scam tricks.

393 Empty Homes Open the Door to a Rental Scam
Tips on how renters and owners can spot and avoid the latest wave of rental scam con tricks

392 Why You Need to Erase Personal Info From a Satellite Navigation System Before You Sell
How a satellite navigation system and video technology can work against you, plus a new "pay up, or else" scam threat

391 That Disaster Alert May Be Just Another Weather or Earthquake Hoax
Most natural disasters cannot be reliably predicted but rumor-mongers and hoaxers tell a different story about a weather and earthquake hoax

390 10 Warning Signs Of A Health Insurance Scam
After new legislation, bogus policies sold door-to-door and via email and phone, cost victims millions

389 How Fake News Stories and Bogus News Websites Try to Deceive You
Miracle-cure and easy-money peddlers boost their products and schemes with phony news reports

388 Facebook Scam Leads Internet Crime Wave
Latest social networking and Facebook scam tricks -- plus 6 simple rules that can help you protect yourself

387 How to Spot Bogus Documents and Fake Check Scams
Look for these crooked clues to identify fake check scams and other phony documents

386 Skype Scam Delivers Spam and Malware
How the Skype scam (using Internet phone calls) and business directories snare victims

385 Reverse Mortgage Explosion Unleashes Scams
What you should know about a reverse mortgage & how you can find out more

384 Make Sure A Wedding Scam Doesn't Ruin The Big Day
4 key wedding scam areas to be on the alert for if you're planning or involved in a wedding

383 Scam Book and Movie Favorites Teach Us a Valuable Lesson
Some recommendations of books and movies about scammers that offer a useful insight into the criminal mind

382 Toyota Recall Scam Uses Bogus Helpline Number
Think before you act, to avoid Toyota recall scam and inviting thieves into your house while you're not home: Internet Scambusters #382

381 How to Deal With Being a Victim of a Stolen Identity
A stolen identity is a nightmare -- here are 10 steps to recovering your identity

380 Are Facebook and Twitter Next For Investment Scams?
Why Internet investment scams are heading for social networking sites and how you can spot them

379 Mystery Shoppers Scams: 7 Ways Crooks Try To Fool You
Find out exactly how to avoid the surge in bogus mystery shoppers schemes

378 Ticket and Lottery Scammers Score in World Cup 2010
How con artists exploit enthusiasm -- whether it's for the World Cup 2010 or for generating inventive ideas

377 What Are the Latest Tax Scam Targets?
Tips on how to spot phony sites and business tax scam cons -- and how to find a tax preparer pro

376 Identity Theft Update: Kids, Students and Medical Services Are Key Targets for 2010
With more than 9 million victims a year, identity theft continues growth as Number One crime: Internet Scambusters™ #376

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